Six Tools That Can Help Commercialize a Startup App (with Free Alternatives)

6 Must-Have Tools for Launching Your Startup App (with Free Alternatives)

1. Social Media Management and Selling: Hootsuite

2. Finance Management: Foundersuite

  • Progress Tracker to track milestones and update investors
  • Competitive Matrix to track competitors
  • Idea Validation app that allows the startup to get instant feedback on their ideas
  • Investor CRM, which includes 69 templates founders can use for recruiting advisors, building a hiring plan, dividing up equity, and much more.
  • Startup Docs, a database of over 80 docs consisting of NDAs, financial models, pitch decks, founders’ agreements, and more.

3. CRM: Intercom

4. Improving UI: Balsamiq

5. Project Management: Asana

6. Scaling through Cloud: Cloudways

Wrapping up…



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