7 Top Considerations When Building a Website for Your Business in Hawaii

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3 min readAug 10, 2022


Clean, optimized, responsive websites are great equalizers in business. They give small businesses a chance to win customers from larger corporations. And in a geographically closed and high barrier-to-entry market like Hawaii, entrepreneurs and small business owners alike can’t afford to have a low-quality website.

So what makes a high-performing website? We’ll cover seven fundamental principles to help you optimize your website, snatch up local business, and carve out your space in the market in Hawaii.

1. Build with SEO in Mind

First things first. Your website exists to draw in clients who are looking for the products or services you offer. But they can’t find you if Google or other search engines don’t recognize you as a relevant solution to the query.

So build your website around proven SEO principles. Of course, many of the following tips are also tied to SEO. But a few focus areas are strategic use of keywords, backlinks, and page responsiveness.

2. Focus on Readability

People searching online have very low attention spans and will quickly discriminate web pages that are difficult to read. Luckily, this has little to do with the content on your page and everything to do with formatting.

Readable web pages use short paragraphs, easy-to-read fonts, and headlines or bold text to make key points easy to scan.

3. Beware of the Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is based on the number of web visitors who leave your site almost immediately. Those people usually leave because they quickly decided that you weren’t a relevant match to their search and went to find a better one. So the higher your bounce rate, the lower Google will place you in search results.

Keep your bounce rate low by using relevant keywords and making your product or service clear.

4. Increase Visit Time

Not only do you want a low bounce rate, but you want your viewers to spend as long as possible on your website. The longer the average visit to your page, the more Google sees you as a trustworthy and relevant source for searches.

Increase your average visit time by incorporating videos, internal links (like hyperlinking another relevant blog post or product within a new post), and more!

5. Demonstrate Your Value Proposition

Your website should clearly show why you are the solution for your target market. Consumers want to know why they should give you their business, but they don’t want to work hard to understand why.

You can show your why with a clear company tagline, graphics, and signals to who your ideal buyer is.

6. Tell Your Story

Consumers want to have a connection to the brands they shop. An emotional connection helps clients to choose you over others and to keep buying from you longer. So make sure you have a compelling “About Us” page on your website, and work your story into your landing and product/service page.

7. Post and Highlight Reviews

Finally, your website is an excellent place to host and display reviews. Consumers (particularly tourists) aren’t likely to take a chance on a business without public reviews. It’s easy to leave a review section on your website– and you can pick your favorites to highlight on your landing page!

Get Expert Help Positioning Your Website

Large corporations and big businesses have the resources to make high-quality websites, making it difficult for a smaller company to compete. So you need an ally to help you get your website live with optimized content soon!

At Moonlight Labs, we’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs in Hawaii get their websites up and running, prototype their digital products, and create a strong foundation for their online presence. Contact us for a free consultation today!



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