3 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Viewing

Responsive Design

  • Resize images. Your website images are one of the first things that need to adapt to mobile viewing. While large images are excellent for computer browsing, you’ll need to shrink or crop images automatically for mobile.
  • Easy navigation. Toolbars and links are also different during a mobile experience. So keep all navigation points in an easily accessible place– and make sure the links work!
  • Visible CTA or engagement. The purpose of any website is to create engagement or sales with prospective clients. Don’t let your CTA (call to action) get lost on mobile versions.

Formatting Content for Smaller Screens

  • Use small paragraphs of three lines or less on the computer. The section will look much longer when compressed to a 3-inch-wide screen.
  • Create scannable content. Most people read only headlines or bolded content before deciding whether to read the details. So ensure you use consistent formatting and leading headlines to engage readers.
  • Don’t use overly customized fonts or colors. Instead, stick to tried-and-true fonts that are easy to read and use black or white text, depending on your background.

Be Careful with Pop-ups

  • Check Google’s size requirements. Google has recently started penalizing “intrusive pop-ups” because users get frustrated and leave sites that make it hard to navigate the page.
  • Use pop-ups sparingly on mobile versions. Mobile viewing doesn’t leave room to spare for pop-ups and your web content.
  • Skip the pop-ups for other options. If you are on the fence about using pop-ups, leave them off until you have a compelling reason. Instead, focus engagement and collaboration efforts with videos, marketing campaigns, and social media.

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